The Crows finished the game strongly

26 Sep , 2013 Uncategorized

canada goose outlet store canada goose outlet canada goose outlet online Early goals to Hooker and James Stewart reduced the margin to 21 points and again fanned the hopes of Bombers fans, but any last hope of pinching victory was extinguished minutes later.Midway through the final term Ben Howlett pinned the arms of Crows defender Luke Brown, with the ball spilling into the hands of Anthony McDonald Tipungwuti, who ran in and kicked what would have been a team lifting goal.Unfortunately for the Dons, Howlett continued on with the tackle, which was deemed dangerous play, and the Crows were then able to sweep the ball to the end of the ground for Hugh Greenwood to take a set shot.The Crows finished the game strongly, kicking the last three goals. They did what they had to, what good teams do. They did enough.Adelaide had even contributions from its midfielders, its key position players, and could even afford a quiet game from its gamebreaker, Eddie Betts (seven disposals and no goals)..

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